Frequently Asked Questions  

What age does my child need to be to play soccer with FUSA? 
-In general, they should be between the ages of 4 and 19 years old. 

In which age group do I register my child? 
-Under 5 (U5)- child will not have reached the age of 5 by December 31st. 
-Under 6 (U6)- child will not have reached the age of 6 December 31st.
-Under 8 (U8)- has not reached the age of 8 by December 31st. 
-Under 10, 12, 15– same as U8 above. 











Where are the games played? Do we have to travel?
-No overnight travel is required. 
-All recreational games are played in Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Kirtland or Durango. .
-All Home games are at the Farmington Soccer Complex. 


When and Where do teams practice?
-Practice is after school or in the evening during the week. Teams practice at the Farmington Soccer Complex, local schools, and parks. Practice location is at the Coach's discretion. 


What should my child bring to practice? 
-Water! Water is a great way to rehydrate your child. It is important that your child bring a drink to every practice and game.
-Athletic Clothing - Something comfortable that allows your child to move.
-Shin Guards - Essential in helping to prevent injuries. Required for all practices, scrimmages, and games.
-Cleats or Gym Shoes - Soccer cleats are recommended. Any shoe with a toe cleat is unacceptable. Cleated shoes must have cleats that are made of smooth material either rounded or wide and smooth NOT have visible sharp edges
-Socks - Must completely cover shin guards.
-Soccer Ball - Appropriate size for their age group. Check with your coach for the correct ball size. 


Where do I get my child’s uniform and how much will it cost?

See uniform tab for more information.

It's Game Day!... What color uniform do I wear?
-Home team wears Blue
-Away team wears Red
-If both teams are from Farmington, look at the schedule to see if your team is listed as home or away for that game.

If you have a question that you feel should be addressed on the FAQ page, please email the question to

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