Groundhog Goal Rush 4v4 Indoor Tournament

Friendlies Festival

This event is not an official sanctioned tournament. Rather, it is considered a "festival" by NMYSA. This allows us to keep the costs low by using field monitors instead of paid referees. It also means we don't give prizes for winning teams. The focus is a kid-centric fun indoor soccer experience, with excellent tournament-format competition.

Tournament Schedule

The 4v4 game schedule is posted here. (scroll down to the section titled 2019 Winter Academy)

Register online here (registration has officially closed)

Additional Forms

The following 2 forms are required for players who were registered via the Team Registration form, instead of the Individual Registration form. These 2 forms should not be required for most players, since the Individual Registration form includes these waivers.

#1 San Juan College HHPC Liability Waiver

#2 Permission to Play in 4v4 & NMYSA Liability/Medical Waiver

* A parent/guardian-signed copy of these 2 forms must be brought to team tournament check-in for all players who registered via the Team Registration form instead of the Individual Registration form.

Tournament Info:​


The schedule will be posted on this web page 1-2 days prior to the event (Jan 30 or 31). Parents can generally expect their children to play 3-5 games with the durations of:

  • 15 minutes (U8)

  • 20 minutes (U10)

  • 20 minutes (U12)

  • 25 minutes (U15)

Players will normally rest for 1-2 games between each of their own games. Therefore, parents can generally expect to stay at the college for a period of 2-3 hours, depending on their child's age.​

First games are slated to begin by 9am, with the final games concluding no later than 5:30pm.

Specific times of day for different age divisions will be published prior to the tournament.


The following divisions exist:

  • U8 Girls (born 2012-2013)

  • U8 Boys (born 2012-2013)

  • U10 Boys (born 2010-2011)

  • U10 Girls (born 2010-2011)

  • U12 Boys (born 2008-2009)

  • U12 Girls (born 2008-2009)

  • U15 Coed (born 2005-2007)


*if sufficient demand for ​U15 single-gender is manifest to the tournament, U15 may be split into gender-specific divisions instead of coed. Currently it is coed. Any inquiries regarding this can be directed to


San Juan College HHPC


$10/player (FCYSL affiliate players)   OR   $15/player (all other players)
 *NMYSA assesses $5 (indicated above) for any participants who are not currently-registered soccer players under the 5 FCYSL member-affiliate clubs.

Game Format

4v4 with no goal keeper. Up to 2 subs (6 players total per team)

Game Duration

15-25 minutes (varies by age division)

* subject to change, based on number of teams


Number of Games

Anticipate 3-5 games per team

Registration Deadline

Tuesday January 28, 2020

Payment Deadline

Payment is due online at the time of registration

Check-in / Credentials

Event check-in will be Friday January 31st at the San Juan College HHPC lobby area from 6pm-7:45pm.

All participating teams are required to check-in during this time.

How are teams formed?

Players/parents should coordinate with one another to form teams prior to registering. At the time of registration, you must specific the team name, and the responsible adult/coach who will be present with the team for the entirety of the tournament event.

If your child wants to play and doesn't have a team, you may register him/her, and in the team name section, indicate: needs a team.

We will attempt to find a team for this player. If we are unable to, we will refund your registration. We will notify you of the details in either case.

Tournament Rules

Rules can be downloaded here:

( *Tournament rules are subject to minor adjustments prior to the event. All participants are advised to download another copy of the rules from this page, the day prior to the tournament.)

Additional Details:

  • U-15 Coed teams must have 1 girl player on the court at all times, or the team must play with 1 less player (3v4).

  • The $10/player fee for FCYSL players includes players from the following clubs:

    • FC United (including Duke City players)

    • Aztec Soccer Club

    • Bloomfield Youth Soccer Club

    • Farmington United Soccer Association

    • Kirtland Youth Soccer League

  • Participants from all other clubs pay $10 per player

  • In an effort to provide the best experience to all players, games will be scheduled in conventional group play (with each division having 1-2 groups), followed by 1 or more additional games with math-ups derived from group play.

Important Facility Information​

San Juan College HHPC kindly asks that all participants and spectators (parents, siblings, etc.) adhere to the following regarding the HHPC facility:

  • No spectating from the overhead track

  • No use of the climbing wall, track or any exercise equipment, including the equipment immediately outside the entry to the basketball courts.

  • No congregating or warm-up in the large hallway (just outside of the basketball gymnasium).

  • Players and parents are to congregate in the large Dance Studio (room 55208) immediately across the hallway from the basketball court gymnasium. This dance studio room has been specifically provided this year in order to keep congestion out of the HHPC halls.

    • Soccer/Futsal balls are NOT permitted in the Dance Studio room. Any warm up done therein should be that of dynamic stretches & similar.​

    • Players will generally have about 5 minutes to warm-up with futsal balls on their game court prior to beginning each game.

  •  Bathrooms are available in 2 convenient locations at the HHPC:​

    • To the North in the large hallway just beyond the basketball gymnasium is a mens & womens locker room each with its own included restrooms, and a unisex restroom is also located just outside the locker rooms.​

    • Immediately to the South of the main reception area when entering the HHPC are a mens & womens restroom.